St Charles | Illinois


At 93 Octane our goal is to produce great beer for everyone to enjoy. We have a passion for Craft Beer and we constantly strive to find the best Local Breweries to carry at our PRIDE Locations. The name of our Brewery is a play towards our Roots. We have been running Gasoline Stations for over 40 Years as a Second Generation Family Business. We look forward to showcasing our Beers at our St. Charles Brewery or at many of our PRIDE Store Locations. Cheers!

Our Brewer

Nick Wisniewski joined 93 Octane after a 5-year stint as Head Brewer of Off Color Brewing in Chicago and we could not be more excited. Prior to Off Color, Nick spent two years as Head Brewer for Mayday Brewery located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee just outside of Nashville. He also spent time at multiple well known Chicago breweries including Metropolitan and Goose Island. Nick received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Dominican University along with graduating from the WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology at Siebel Institute. Needless to say, our taps are in good hands





This dark and rich stout delivers strong aromas of dark roasted barley, chocolate and coffee. Brewed with Irish Ale yeast, this warm and soothing stout is the perfect beverage to enjoy amongst friends.




Hugger Orange is an iconic color used on Muscle Cars from the 60’s and 70’s. We chose this name not only because we love classic cars but to showcase this Classic Orange Wheat. Utilizing Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook and Ekuanot hops, this American wheat is sure to bring the citrus muscle. Coming in at a 5% abv, this American classic will undoubtably catch your eye, just like a classic cruising down the street.

Pride Piper



This well-balanced dry-hopped hazy New England IPA is made with Comet, Apollo, and Calypso hops. This juicy IPA was crafted for The PRIDE Stores to entice customers into their Locations, just like the traditional Piper would entice with his tunes we use great Craft Beer.

Single Dry Hop IPA



This American IPA delivers medium malt body with assertive hop flavor and aroma of citrus, stone fruits and apple. Dry hopped with Caylipso amplifies this beer and its tropical fruitiness.

Deuce Coupe



Cousin to the Kolsch, this dark ale utilizes the same yeast as its relative just to the south. Originating from Dusseldorf, Germany, This Alt beer is brewed with the German Purity law (Reinheitsgebot) in mind. Utilizing an all malted barley grain bill and German noble hops. This beer is designed to let the its minimal ingredients stand out individually while working together to create a delicious beer.

Panhead Pale



This American Pale Ale leans heavily on its malt backbone. Utilizing Pale, Munich, and Carmel malts to give it a noticeable but balanced malty/biscuit flavors and aromas. Not to be out done by the malt, Centennial, Cascade and Chinook hops add a pleasant floral hop aroma with noticeable undertones of spice, pine and citrus.




Originating from Cologne, Germany, This Kolsch style ale is brewed with the Pilsner, Flaked Wheat and Cara-Pils malt along with Hallertau Magnum hops. Minimal ingredients are used to let this unique yeast shine. Light, crisp and refreshing, this iconic German Ale should be a instant go-to for any beer fan.

Hugger Orange Whip



"Cruisin" around in your Hugger Orange Whip back in the day was classic. We took our Hugger Orange and added vanilla and lactose for this American orange wheat ale.

20W50 Stout



Dark rich and full bodied. Strong notes of light and dark chocolate along with coffee, toffee and roasted barley. Smooth finish with hints of alcohol.


Friendship Bracelet



Won't you be my friend? This high Octane hazy puts emphasis on Hallertau Blanc hops giving it a nice white wine a goose berry nuance, with orange and citrus undertones coming from the Voss yeast and Bravo hops. It finishes with a sweet creaming orange dreamsicle linger from lactose sugar and Lotus hops.

A Solemn Oath Brewery collaboration

Design Flaw



Served Nitro, this beer is light in color, but features flavors of a dark stout: vanilla, chocolate and a subtle coffee roast.

A 25 West Brewing Co. Collaboration




Imperial apple strudel Berliner Weiss, made with Waldmeistersirup.

An Elmhurst Brewing Co. Collaboration

Coming Soon




A traditional German style lager. Clean, crisp and refreshing.

Double Dry Hop IPA



Much like the bigger crazier sibling we all have, #2 takes all that is good with #1 and turns it up to 11. With an additional dry hop addition of Amarillo, This beer hits you in the face with classic floral and citrus hop character. Most notably is presence of that resinous and dank hop character we have all come to know and love.